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Cisterns, tanks and custom molding
Rotomex Custom MoldingExplore our line of products!

Our Custom Molding department provides solution to your special needs. We offer mold design and fabrication, and roto-molding service.

What is Roto-molding?

The process of rotational molding is an economical process that uses plastic resins either in pellet or liquid to produce hollow plastic products in one piece and seamless. The Roto-molding industry started in 1946 with the liquid plastisols. The introduction of dust resin in 1961 expanded the industry's possibilities towards more demanding and complex product needs.

The industry and technology usually known as "black art" includes tanks, toys, bags, highway signaling, kayaks, canoes, garden furniture, automobile bumpers etc.

How does Roto-molding works?

Roto-molding is a simple process of four stages, that uses a mold of thin walls and good heat distribution capability. The mold has an inlet for the resin and can be opened to unload the final product. Generally the resin is introduced into the mold, which rotates in two axis placed perpendicularly to each other. With slow rotation the resin falling to the bottom evenly creates a layer over the mold inner wall. Through this process we can mold hollow products, big or small with uniform walls.