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The Best evaporative cooling system


What is ServiKool?

ServiKool is the evaporative cooling system that creates comfort where ever you need it. Through water evaporation ServiKool produces cooler and fresher air. It is perfect for hot dessert regions.

  • Economical Low initial cost and low energy needs.
  • Will Never rust
  • Long Life Manufactured in plastic and equipped with KoolPack plus high efficiency rigid media.
  • Simple Easy maintenance. The evaporative media, pump and fan motor are easily replaceable.
  • Versatile Different models available: window or ceiling installation and mobile for spot-cooling.

How does it work?

ServiKool sucks the hot dry air from outside through a wet media, where water is evaporated and the air is humidified, thus the air's sensible heat is reduced and cooler air is delivered.

Where is it used?

Evaporative cooling can provide comfort in houses, workshops, commercial areas, warehouses, factories, outdoors etc... located in the arid and semi-arid regions of the world.

More than 20 million evaporative coolers are currently operating in homes around the world.

Protecting the environment

Evaporative cooling does not use CFC gases because it only needs water for cooling. Its use instead of conventional air conditioning reduces CFC and other gases that contribute to the "Green House" effect on the atmosphere.

More over, residential evaporative cooling eliminates the use of 118 million pounds of HCF-22, saves 60 million oil drums per year and eliminates 27 thousand million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

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